Day Fishing

Day Fishing

Los Cobanos has a protected natural area of 21,312 hectares where you can navigate the beautiful Pacific Ocean of El Salvador, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the landscape, marine life and sport fishing … fishing Loco Por La Pesca is your best option.

Day Fishing El Salvador

Day Excursion Details

• December to April (in French) (May to November only Spanish)
• Duration Between 6 and 7 hours approximately, 4 fishermen maximum
• From 07:00 a.m. to 2/3:00 p.m.
Sailing area: Pacific, el Salvador
For adults and accompanied children, from 12 years old to fish
Day of big game fishing in search of tuna, marlin, dolphinfish…
You will fish mainly by trolling, sometimes casting on hunts or even jigging.

Big game fishing

Equipment provided: big game trolling rods and outriggers, casting and jigging rods
Baits/lures provided: lures exclusively
Fishing individually or in turns, according to technique
Fish: bluefin tuna, white tuna, marlin, dolphinfish, spearfish, spearfish, swordfish
A good catch can be kept
• 250 USD basic: 50 USD per additional fisherman, 4 people maximum
• 25 USD per accompanying person (non-fishing person)
The price includes a sandwich, equipment, soft drink, and on board photos sent by email.
Do not forget: Sun protection, jacket, windbreaker depending on the weather.

Day Fishing El Salvador

Date Duration Base Price Extra Per Fisherman Extra Per Non-Fisherman
December to April (in French) 6 to 7 Hours $250 USD $50 USD $25 USD
May to November (Only in Spanish) 6 to 7 Hours $250 USD $50 USD $25 USD

* Max People (4) CONTACT US for more information or RESERVE ONLINE and pay by credit card through PayPal.

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