Night Fishing

Night Fishing

Our night package is all-inclusive for adventurers (14 hours at sea) Departure at 5 pm using fishing nets or light. At your discretion. Net: placing the net in the ocean for a period of 3 hours and wait. Raise the net. We repeat the operation of lifting the net 3 times.

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Night excursion details

Night fishing allows you to target a wide range of fish (dorado, red snapper, mackerel, etc.). Several techniques and tools are utilized, the rod and wire, the reel, the lure, the swimmer, the braid or the nylon. Their use depends on the type of fishing (day or night), Many benefits arise from the practice of this activity, whether at night or day. The two periods allow you to meet and share pleasant moments and build relationships.

You will appreciate the environment of night fishing, especially when you’re out in the open air, you have more direct contact with the natural elements and it all helps to reduce stress. All the senses are on alert, the eyes to watch for fish, the nose to distinguish and appreciate the marine perfume, the ears to hear the slightest noise and the skin to feel the atmosphere around. It helps to clear the mind, relax, and learn patience. This nocturnal practice attracts many fish of any size and shape with underwater lighting.

Much quieter than day fishing, this type of fishing can enjoy some anchorages: turquoise water, beautiful land and beautiful beach.

We use several techniques including troll fishing, which involves travelling the Pacific coast in search of schools of fish such as tuna, barracuda etc. The cane is a technique using hooks at different depths with bait attached to the hooks to catch the fish. Gillnet capture is a technique that is done with trap nets. The mesh size of the net is adapted to the size of the desired species. Three types of nets are used, the set net positioned at the bottom of the water, the trammel net formed of two outer layers with large mesh and a larger inner layer with smaller mesh and the monofilament net consisting of only tablecloth.

The night fishing is favorable to the fishermen, because at the dusk the fish get closer to the coasts. Fishing by kicking, setting and landing with a float on board are very simple techniques, very effective with good catches. They allow catching on all layers of water.

A tip for good fishing at night is not to look at the sea with a lit headlamp, as this may scare off the fish. Instead, use UV lighting to be more discreet. To facilitate the identification of the night keys, the use of detachable antenna floats is important. They can be replaced by glow sticks. The fishing stations are numerous (bank, dike, lancha, etc.) and are perfect places to install fishing equipment. The light posts are very favorable because the fish are attracted by the light.

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Day Fishing El Salvador

Date Duration Base Price People
December to April (in French) 14 hrs $400 USD 2
May to November (Spanish only) 14 hrs $400 USD 2

* Max People (2) CONTACT US for more information or book a RESERVATION ONLINE and pay by credit card through PayPal.

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